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Employee benefits are typically a company’s second largest expense after payroll. Employers have been led to believe that unsustainable rate increases imposed year after year are an inevitable reality. We couldn’t disagree more. As a firm that has received national recognition for our cost-containment measures, we have identified the means to reverse this trend, while providing higher quality healthcare plans and substantially enhancing the employee experience.

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Outcomes above everything

When we say outcomes, we mean more than just substantial savings for employers and better health care for employees. If your company qualifies, we’ll design an employee benefits program that manages your company’s specific risk profile so you’re not paying inflated premiums. This means better cash flow, more working capital and most importantly better benefits for your workforce. You can see real-life examples and the most recent results on our case studies page.

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Tech that makes it easy

As much as personalized human contact is the backbone for how we operate at David Rine Insurance, we also understand the importance of leveraging the latest technology to make managing and accessing benefits easier and more efficient than ever before for our clients and their employees.

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