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Award Winning Adviser and Best-Selling Author

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I take great pride in the fact that I’m an adviser, not a broker. The main difference is that my interests are actually aligned with my clients.

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Award Winning Adviser

Derek’s approach to consulting is simple, results over everything else. It was early on where Derek made the conscious decision to differentiate himself from what he considers a status quo broker by focusing on outcomes over activity. The catalyst to his success is his strong belief in making sure everyone’s best interests are aligned before agreeing to take on an account. It’s these core values that undoubtedly contributed to him being named 2018 Rising Star Adviser by Employee Benefits Adviser Magazine

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Breaking Through

Best-selling Author

In Derek’s new chart-topping book, he’s not shy about sharing innovative strategies and real life examples of how he consistently thinks outside of the box to formulate long-term solutions that have a dramatic impact on his clients’ bottom-line.

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Best-Seller List
  • Derek is one of the bright young minds in the benefits arena. His passion for bringing change to the industry is unparalleled. He is a part of a movement to renegotiate the price of healthcare for employers and address the root of the problem rather than relying on the basic carrier solutions that lead to compound rate increases… his results are proven and measurable.

    Nelson Griswold

    Author of Do or Die: Reinventing your Benefits agency for post-reform success

  • Derek is one of the few consultants in the industry who actually delivers on the results he promises. Not many consultants can say that they provide negative trend to their clients. The key to Derek’s success is his creativity. As a millennial in the industry, he brings brand new perspective to our healthcare supply chain problem.

    Eric Silverman

    Employee Benefits Magazine Board Adviser and 2017 Voluntary Adviser of the Year

  • Derek’s success is rooted in a quote by Martial Arts Master Bruce Lee. ‘If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.’ Many consultants are trapped by their past wins or comfortable in their lifestyle so they talk changes but take little action. Derek has the knowledge and expertise of NexGen strategies and actually takes action and executes those strategies…..If you want to know how to win tomorrow, then engage Derek and his team..

    Craig Lack

    2X Best-selling Author and Nationally Recognized Consultant

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