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Health Model

  • Compound Rate increases are detrimental to businesses long-term

  • Employees have very little assistance navigating the healthcare arena

  • Due to the lack of transparency and provider accountability, claims costs continue to skyrocket

  • Rising claims costs mean higher loss ratios for employers, which translates into higher premiums for the entire group


Health Alliance

  • A healthcare association with guaranteed rates at a 35-50% reduction to what most employers are currently spending

  • A partnership with an organization that has only assessed a rate increase one time since 2014!

  • Predictable increases = a more predictable budget and P&L statement

  • Increased employee engagement and awareness in navigating the healthcare arena is a given

The numbers are in

Below are the results from a recent analysis we performed for an employer with about 50 employees on the plan.

$239,916.00 Savings
Annual Savings
Percent Saved
$799,735.00 Savings over 3 years
3 Year Total

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