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Employee benefits are typically a company’s second largest expense after payroll. Employers have been led to believe that unsustainable rate increases imposed year after year are an inevitable reality. We couldn’t disagree more. As a firm that has received national recognition for our cost-containment measures, we have identified the means to reverse this trend, while providing higher quality healthcare plans and substantially enhancing the employee experience.

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Captivating Savings

A fully-insured group with 160 employees was spending $1,800,000 on medical insurance and utilizing a top 5, national broker firm. The top 5 firm was not bringing any creative solutions to the table and continued to deliver compound rate increases year after year. After identifying that a group captive was the best solution, we generated a $600,000 savings in the very first year. To date, we have saved this employer millions of dollars.

$600,000 in first year savings
160 Employees

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Outside the Box Outcomes

A company with 70 employees on the group health plan requested 10 different broker firms, including national brokerages to quote their insurance, while faced with a 15% increase. After reviewing the various components of the health plan in depth, we advised the employer to transition to a much higher deductible through an alternative carrier in conjunction with a unique supplemental program, resulting in a 40% savings (25% to current), while providing richer benefits for the employees. We found it amusing that national broker firms, unhappy with the results we were able to obtain, accused local carrier partners of providing us with more favorable rates. In reality, we simply tailored a custom program by thinking outside of the box.

70 Employees

Long-term Values

After performing a detailed analysis for a self-insured client with 1,200 employees using a national broker firm, we implemented several proprietary solutions to generate $2,100,000 in savings the very first year. The employer realized that our creative solutions were of long-term value and requested that we handle all of their insurance needs moving forward. 

$2,100,000 in savings identified in the very first quarter
Over 1,200 Employees

Plan Optimization

When a self-insured group with over 200 employees began experiencing higher claims volume than usual, we recognized that the increase in costs was due to several specialty medications, including a prescription costing the plan $250,000 per year. We were able to locate a manufacturer’s assistance program, which allowed us to source the medication for $30 per month, eliminating the $250,000 expense to the employer.

$250,000 expense eliminated for $30/mo
Over 200 Employees

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